NOTE: Our component cables clarify the original Standard-Definition video signals provided by the consoles.  This enhancement is not a result of a High-Definition output. See our FAQ for more details.

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3 July 2016 - Our online store was launched and our entire cable stock was depleted within minutes. We expect another shipment to arrive in late Summer 2016. Please sign up for the mailing list above to receive more detailed updates.

14 June 2016 - "New" blog post about power adapters and their effect on video quality. This post originally appeared as a Kickstarter update.

11 June 2016 - We are announcing that RetroFixes is officially our approved RGB-modding partner. If you get him to mod your N64 with serial number NS1__, it will work with our SNES cable! Please use this link to get to the correct mod: here.

24 May 2016 - All Kickstarter backer cables have been tested, signed, and sent to our shipping partner. Read more here.

12 May 2016 - We are happy to announce that the first batch of cables (the ones for the Kickstarter backers) is on its way to us via air freight, and we should begin our QA tests next week. 

24 Apr 2016 - We verified that light guns will still work on SD CRT's when using our cable.

15 Apr 2016 - Here's an update with what the final cables will look like.

5 Oct 2015 - Check out our recap of RetroWorld Expo!

4 May 2015 - Genesis and SNES product pages now list all of the consoles that have verified compatibility.

5 Jan 2015 - We have a blog post with a diagram showing how we streamed games using the component cable over Twitch.

All game imagery and video captured on this website are from working prototypes. These are not mockups.


Revived Systems

Many new televisions and displays don't support S-Video and other older video inputs. With HD Retrovision's SNES component cables, rediscover your games, now clearer than ever before. Notice the crisp white numbers and clean blue wing in this screenshot from Starfox.





Improved Video Quality

The low bandwidth of RF and composite cables resulted in a quality that was degraded from what the systems actually produced. The Genesis component cable will make you think you're playing an entirely new game. In NBA Jam T.E., player names are now readable and the NBA logo is sharp.