Salutations, fellow ghosts and goblins! It's been awhile. And though we're sure you haven't missed us, we just reached a point where we're able to give you a decent status update. Here we go:

First, the main reason we've been quieter than usual is due to the fact that we moved out of the basement/dining room and into an actual office/lab space. It was a lot of time and work setting this up, but it has already paid off in streamlining our new development projects and how we operate in general. Those new development projects, including the Dreamcast YPbPr cables, are still in progress. No further updates about those just yet, but the mailing list will get an update as soon as we have something significant to share.

OK, we do have one small update on new projects. As of last month we officially became a licensed HDMI® Adopter, which means we can now legally design, manufacturer, and sell products using HDMI® technology. We're excited to be one of the first companies in the retro gaming/computing arena to be allowed to do this.

The factory just wrapped up a production order that contains Genesis YPbPr cables, SNES YPbPr cables, PlayStation adapters, 5x RCA Male-to-Male cables, and 5x RCA Extension cables. These will soon be on their way via ocean freight, and will take the usual unpredictable amount of time to get here. We will not be reopening our store right away when they arrive. In order to continue making progress on new projects, our store will remain closed for awhile longer. However, you will be able to purchase from the new shipment of products through distributors such as CastleMania Games and Please visit their websites for information/updates about what stock they'll have and when. CastleMania may be doing a pre-order system soon -- check with them for details.

When we eventually do reopen our own store, we will only be offering shipping to domestic (USA) customers. Selling internationally adds too much complexity and risk for us, making it much harder to continue doing things other than running a store. International customers can still purchase through the aforementioned distributors.

Lastly, we placed a couple of our more basic products on for sale and distribution. Depending on how well these sell on Amazon, we might consider posting more products there in the future.


Have a very spooky October!

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AuthorNickolaus Mueller