- We have a new product out for sale! Wii YPbPr component cables can now be purchased via our Amazon store. You may notice that they also come in a shiny new box with a bunch of boring warnings and symbols plastered all over it. We'll eventually port all our products over to new snazzy packaging, but in the near future it will just be the PS2 and Wii cables. Current Wii inventory may be a bit patchy as we only air shipped in a tiny batch, while the rest are due to arrive via ocean freight sometime in July.

- The next batch of Genesis YPbPr cables has landed! We'll start pushing these out to our distributors (Castlemania Games, RetroStuff Canada) in the coming week or so. Just like with SNES YPbPr cables, these will not be available on our Amazon store, so make sure you are set up to get the latest information from your preferred distributor(s).

- PlayStation 2, M-M RCA, and M-F extension YPbPr cables just wrapped up at the factory and are due to head our way via ocean freight soon. We're anticipating a mid-summer date for the full restock of those, but we air shipped ourselves a small batch of PS2 cables to get Amazon going in the meantime. Those should be found at the same Amazon link in about a week or so, assuming no issues are found during our standard QA check.

- Dreamcast development is chugging along and the end of the design phase is finally in sight. Last month, we resolved the last of the 21 known issues/bugs with the prototype circuit, and the overall results are looking fantastic on the workbench. We are now waiting for the factory to finishing sorting out a bunch of their overmolding requirements before we throw down a final circuit board layout. They're being slow about giving complete and thorough information about this, so in the meantime we are working on the design verification procedures and also the test equipment which needs to be in place for mass production.

Be sure to check us out on Twitter if you want more frequent updates!

That's all for now, folks!

AuthorNickolaus Mueller