Three quick updates for you today:

1) PS2/3 cables are back in stock. As in right now.

2) Despite our best efforts, we're getting a lot of emails inquiring about a Genesis cable restock. The answer right now is that we do not know when we'll have more. We're still working out forecasts for ourselves and with our distributors, and once we have those we'll be able to place an order and give people a better idea of a date. In short: no restock on our store for at least a few months.

3) Dreamcast YPbPr cables are still in development. Unfortunately, the project hasn't been worked on since before we restocked the store in March, due to being bogged down with non-stop sales and support issues during that period. That boring stuff has slowed down recently, so we're trying our best to pick back up our pending Dreamcast tasks within the next few weeks.


AuthorNickolaus Mueller