We have just received word that the next production run of SNES & Genesis YPbPr cables has been completed and is en route to the port for sea travel to the USA. We are still aiming to get them ready for sale before this summer, as planned. We will be working on final pricing, quantity limits, and a sale launch date in the meantime. Once settled, this information will be conveyed to you in a future update.

The factory is in the middle of producing Genesis YPbPr cable adapters for use with the Genesis 1 & Master System 1. Alongside these adapters, which we've produced before, they are also creating the brand new adapters for Neo Geo AES & Sega Saturn. Once all three types are finished, the plan is to air ship them to us so that they will be up for sale at the same time as the YPbPr cables.

Regarding the PS1 adapters, we are leaning on some experts to help us design tests to measure the insertion/removal force requirements for the PS1 connectors. The factory requires this information before we are able to finalize a new design that doesn't have a death grip on the console's A/V port.

We've also resumed working on various aspects related to the design of the Dreamcast YPbPr cables. However, based on past data we recognize that our productivity on this will take a major hit during a month or two following the next SNES/Genesis YPbPr cable release date. This is when we will have to divert most of our resources toward providing technical support.



AuthorNickolaus Mueller