Here is the latest newz:

1) Work on the cables is progressing along smoothly. We received samples of the new build, and they tested perfectly. There were some minor cosmetic issues with the samples, but all appear to be easy fixes for production.

2) We submitted a purchase order last week for adapters to use with the Genesis 2 cable. These include more adapters for Genesis 1, as well as adapters for Neo Geo AES and Sega Saturn. Although the design and documentation is complete, we did not place an order for PS1 adapters. Upon further inspection and testing of the PS1 connector samples, we are not satisfied with the connector fit with certain models of PlayStation consoles. We are continuing to search for an alternative connector supplier and also exploring the possibility of having a new connector re-tooled for us.

3) B-Stock cable repairs are still on the to-do list. Sorry, it has been low priority compared to all our other development and factory support tasks.  We hope to get to this soon and will definitely post more info when we're ready.

4) We started a monthly podcast called The Retro Roundtable, that features us alongside Voultar's Mod Shop, db Electronics, and RetroRGB. The first episode aired Feb 18th. It is available on YouTube, iTunes, and Google Play. All of this is being compiled in a central location at:   The podcast is streamed live on Twitch and YouTube, and we make announcements for the dates on Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking of which, if you don't follow us there yet, here are the links:

Now, enjoy some pictures of the Saturn adapter in action:

AuthorNickolaus Mueller