Hi everybody!

This is going to be a mostly non-technical blog post for you... just some ramblings on what is going on over at HD Retrovision HQ, why we're teasing you with all these products you can't even buy yet, and whatever other random things I think of. Hopefully I'm diligent enough to do one of these every once in awhile.

So first of all, what is the mission of HD Retrovision? Simply put, we want to make a suite of products targeted towards retro gamers who want to be able to take advantage of the improved quality that high definition televisions can afford them.  Because of the cabling and video display technology of the time, a whole lot of detail was lost and noise added to some really nice artwork that was programmed into those amazing plastic cartridges. Our cables and other products aim to get you back to that true quality created by the designers of all your favorite retro video games.

On to where we are at and what we are thinking. A lot of the design work is done for the component cables. There are some minor technical issues to deal with still related to the fact that these systems actually went through several revisions of the hardware sitting inside of them, so we actually need to make sure the cables work regardless of when you bought your machine. We've also got some test software in the works so that we can actually quality check the products coming off the assembly line. We certainly don't want to be shipping out duds. The goal from that point is to run a Kickstarter campaign, fund ourselves to spin up a production line, and start shipping out products to you. If we're successful enough at the Kickstarter campaign, we also have some other products in the queue that we would like to get to ASAP. But more on that later.

What else? We just had a reasonably productive little Saturday all working in the same space. We're damn close to having some nice business cards to hand out, cool splash screens, and a lot of other stuff you just gotta have to be a business. A good business, anyway.

That's all from here. Comment and share, please. Help us get the word out so we can have a successful Kickstarter campaign very soon!


AuthorNickolaus Mueller