Neo Geo AES/CD Adapter (for use with the Genesis YPbPr Component Cable)

You're the type of person that shuns what all the popular kids are into these days. Sega Genesis? Super Nintendo? How cliché! Even the TurboGrafx-16 is a little too mainstream for you. Nah, you want what no one else has, and your parents are just rich enough to get it for you. That's right. You're a Neo Geo kid! Now, for only a small fraction of the original cost of the console, you can use our AES/CD adapter alongside our Genesis YPbPr cable to experience your games in glorious, crisp, wonderful YPbPr component video! Use this cable/adapter combo on an HDTV that supports 240p, or on a standard-definition CRT for that classic look.

The following chart contains a list of tested and confirmed console models which have been verified to work with the Neo Geo AES/CD adapter. The intent of this list is to give a general idea of what types of consoles can work with the adapter, and is not exhaustive. Therefore, we expect the adapter to work with even more models and console types than what is listed, but we are unable to explicitly put them in the list unless functionality is directly confirmed by us.

Neo Geo AES/CD Adapter Verified Compatibility List
Model Name Region
NEO-0 Neo Geo AES NTSC - Japan
NEOGEO-CD Neo Geo CD - Top Loader NTSC - Japan
NEO GEO-CD Neo Geo CD - Front Loader** NTSC - Japan

** May require brightness/contrast adjustments on your equipment to achieve an optimal setting.

Model 2 Genesis to Neo Geo AES/CD Adapter

Model 2 Genesis to Neo Geo AES/CD Adapter