Saturn Adapter (for use with the Genesis YPbPr Component Cable)

Our Saturn adapter is out of this Solar System! Designed specifically to be paired with our Genesis YPbPr Component Cable, the Saturn adapter gives you a quick plug-and-play solution so you can ditch that ratty old composite cable. Just connect the adapter to our Genesis YPbPr cable and use the combo on an HDTV that supports 240p, or on a standard-definition CRT for that classic look.

The following chart contains a list of tested and confirmed console models which work with the Saturn adapter. We expect the adapter to work with even more models and console types, but we are unable to explicitly list them here unless they are confirmed by us. 

Saturn Adapter Verified Compatibility List
Model Name Region
MK-80000 Sega Saturn Model 1 NTSC - North America
MK-80000A Sega Saturn Model 2 NTSC - North America
MK-80200-50 Sega Saturn Model 1 PAL - Europe
MK-80200-50A Sega Saturn Model 2 PAL - Europe
HST-3200, HST-3210 Sega Saturn Model 1 (Gray) NTSC - Japan
HST-3220 Sega Saturn Model 2 (White) NTSC - Japan
Model 2 Genesis to Saturn Adapter

Model 2 Genesis to Saturn Adapter