Return Policy

tl;dr version - Since we do not accept returns for compatibility issues, you are responsible for testing for 240p compatibility before purchasing our products. But seriously, please read the full policy below:


Defective unit - one that does not perform to our design specifications. This does not include any mechanical or electrical damage caused by the end-user.

Incompatible unit - one that performs as intended but appears to not work due to the display or other equipment not accepting 240/288p signals over YPbPr.

Our Policy

We do not provide support for cables purchased from eBay or other third-party websites. You MUST have a valid order number to receive support.

For those purchasing through our website and having trouble with our products, please contact support with your order number so that we can help resolve the issue. For a period of 30 days after delivery, we will work to determine whether the unit is either defective or incompatible with your equipment. The customer may be required to provide HD Retrovision support with some additional information, including the model of the customer's television or other equipment.

After HD Retrovision determines the product to be either defective or incompatible, they will inform the customer, at which point the customer can choose to ship the unit back to HD Retrovision at the customer’s expense. HD Retrovision will test the unit to verify whether it is a compatibility issue or a defective unit. If the unit is verified to be working properly but incompatible with the customer's equipment, no refund will be offered and the customer can pay to have it shipped back to them or forfeit the item completely. If the unit is defective, a replacement will be shipped to the customer free of charge.


Shipping Policy

We provide the option to select the shipping option that is right for you. If you are worried about shipping issues, problems with delivery, lost packages, etc., you may opt for a more expensive shipping option that includes insurance. We cannot be held liable for lost or stolen packages. In such a circumstance, you are responsible for filing a claim with the post office.

For domestic shipments, Priority and Express mail include different levels of insurance. You can compare them at the USPS website here. First class mail does not come with insurance, and USPS provides limited support for first class packages when filing a claim.

For international shipments, the only option that includes detailed tracking is the highest cost USPS Priority Express International option. Details on shipping speeds and insurance rates can be found on the USPS International website here. If you live in a location where package delivery is unreliable, please take this into consideration when placing your order. We cannot be held responsible for what happens to packages once they are handed off to your country's shipping service. Also, you need to be aware of your particular country's import duties and customs procedure before you make a purchase with us, since there might be extra costs you need to pay your country before you can receive your item(s).