In Development

Here are some products we currently have in the queue, which we'd very much like to get fully designed and ready for production.  Your continued support could help make these products a reality in the future.

LEGAL NOTE: Products appearing on this page in no way indicate a guarantee of future release and only represent avenues that HD Retrovision is currently considering and/or pursuing.

PlayStation Adapter for Genesis YPbPr Component Cable

 Sony PlayStation Adapter Prototype

 Sony PlayStation Adapter Prototype

We sell an adapter to convert the Genesis YPbPr Component cable to connect with the Model 1 Genesis and Master System, and now have similar adapters for the Neo Geo AES and Sega Saturn. While research and development on the design of the PlayStation adapters is complete, we are currently unable to produce these due to the lack of a properly fitting A/V connector for the PlayStation 1 console. We are in the middle of working on a new connector that we hope will overcome this issue and allow us to produce these PlayStation adapters as well. Although the main target is PS1 and PSone consoles, this adapter can be used with PS2 and PS3 consoles provided the component output is set to RGB in the system settings.

Sega Dreamcast YPbPr Component Cable

We currently have a very rough, yet working, prototype of a Sega Dreamcast YPbPr cable. This was actually the first prototype we ever made that was put into cable form. We are currently in the process of gathering measurement data to revise the design of the original prototype cable in order to create an updated version that is production-ready.

One main difference between this cable and our other YPbPr cables is that this one supports 480p in addition to 240p/480i (288p/576i for PAL consoles).

Why make a Dreamcast YPbPr cable when the console already natively supports VGA?

Several reasons:

  • Not all TVs have VGA inputs. Newer, budget HDTVs in particular, have trended towards dropping support for it. Most HDTVs still ship with YPbPr video inputs. As for newer devices lacking YPbPr input, affordable passthrough 480p YPbPr -> HDMI adapters are readily available.
  • The Dreamcast VGA signal is generated using consumer television timings instead of computer monitor timings. What this means is that TVs or monitors which accept this VGA signal might sample it incorrectly. This results in slightly incorrect horizontal shifting and/or aspect ratio. The use of YPbPr avoids this problem, since it's purely a television standard.
  • Not all Dreamcast games and software support VGA mode. This requires you to either fiddle with the coding on the disc (IP.BIN bootloader), or drop to a lower quality video signal such as s-video or composite. The Dreamcast YPbPr cable has a switch on it to change to 240p/480i (288p/576i) YPbPr video output in these scenarios, or in the case when playing on a standard-definition CRT is desired.
  • Just like all our other YPbPr cables, the signals coming from the console are analyzed across multiple regions and revisions. This data is used in the cable design to ensure that these video signals are conditioned to produce the correct output levels, as per the CEA-770.2-D YPbPr component video standard.




Not all TVs are created equal. Some accept all signals and process them correctly. Others reject signals completely and mis-process the rest (see here for more info). We would like to eliminate this once and for all, and most importantly, do it in an affordable way. The HDMIzer will be a product that takes almost any standard definition analog video format, processes it correctly, and leaves you with a clean 480p/576p HDMI output, compatible with anything that has an HDMI port. Here are some initial, proposed specifications:


  • Component Video (YPbPr 240p/288p/480i/576i/480p/576p)
  • S-Video (Y/C)
  • Composite Video (CVBS)
  • USA Channel-3 & Japan Channel-1 RF (RCA)
  • Stereo Analog Audio (2x RCA)
  • External DC Power


  • 240p/288p/480i/576i/480p/576p HDMI
  • 15-pin D-sub - supporting 640x480 VGA & 480p/576p YPbPr
  • Stereo Analog Audio


  • Scanline Switch - ON/OFF
  • Black Level Correct Switch - ON/OFF
  • Smoothing Filter (for dithered game graphics) - ON/OFF
  • Analog Output Select Switch - VGA/YPbPr